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Welcome - initial page:
Here you can find welcoming and news together.

I would like to invite you to my website. My name is Antonín Dolák and I have created this page because I found out that there is an absence of whatever of my presentation and at least some basic information about me with contact.

Not long ago I'm worked as PLM consultant and implemented system Enovia. For now I work as system engineer in the company implements IS, MIS and CRM - focused mainly on the food industry.

If you are looking for information about me, visit section Bio and Contact. If I know you personaly and I granted you to enter with password into the personal section of this site, visit section Friends. If you don´t have or you can´t remember your password and you would like to use this, try to write me e.g. in the section Write Me.

Schematic history of news:

  • June 2004 - registration of domain
  • September 2004 - first publication of this pages
  • Autumn 2004 - start working in team SmarTeam

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